Athens, early 1920s. Facing the Acropolis and standing a few steps from the ancient Agora, a new building showcasing 20th century industrial aesthetics was soon to be recognized as one of the city’s modern-age landmarks. In the following two decades, a period of prosperity, creativity and rapid urban growth, the ATHINAIS factory became widely known for producing natural silk of the highest quality. Having suspended operations to become an air-raid shelter during World War II, in the late 1940s ATHINAIS was back in business following the city’s liberation, yet faced with a changed world. Postwar technological advancements didn’t take long to revolutionize the industry. Unable to march with the times and compete with rayon, which gradually replaced natural silk, the old factory discontinued production in the mid-1950s and was eventually reduced to a mere storage facility. In spirit, however, it remained alive.



Athens, year 2000. An inspired renovation project, which preserved the building’s industrial character and accentuated its distinctive architectural features, gracefully revamped the old silk factory, transforming it into a state-of-the-art conference complex hosting a wide range of business initiatives, cultural activities and entertainment options, merging traditional values with advanced technology and progressive design. Today, 15 years later, ATHINAIS is a contemporary landmark in the trend-setting part of Athens, a popular multipurpose venue embraced by people from all walks of life for being extraordinary yet inviting and engaging at the same time.


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