Cabrio Restaurant & Bar

Cabrio Restaurant & Bar                                                                              PgpnXhhh
In the morning it languidly taxis along while at night it revs up to full throttle with upbeat tunes, often hosting themed events and live shows. Above the bar hangs a legendary convertible VW Beetle.
The décor includes other retro items like a vintage gas pump, a classic Vespa scooter mounted on a wall and bits and pieces from the old silk factory. The lofty interior has the strong personality of an industrial space dominated by stone and steel, that invokes memories of a bygone era, yet is enlivened by a fun and carefree attitude, with the bartenders dancing in sync with the night’s themed event or live performance and serving creative cocktails to go with the latin, jazz, funk or soul music blasting from the speakers.
At night, the bar has a distinctly urban and atmospheric ambience but one can also visit during the day, when things are much more relaxed, sink into the red sofa and enjoy a coffee and a delicious awesome food with amazing entertainment from our chef !
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